benjamin moore exterior paint reviews

There was a clear liquid in the top of the material in the can with heavy color material in the bottom of the can. And please no one tell me duration because we ran that test. Now Benjamin Moore wants to replace on one side of the house not the same color and will not match our color and will not do anything about the color difference we painted a house, garage, car port, and fencing the same color. What is the general concensus on Moor-Glo Soft Gloss for an exterior porch job? Of course, homeowners don’t always have the best equipment or technique. Some paints will require 3-4 coats with a deep base primer. Designers like me swear by it – but I don’t like Aura either. It did, however, leave a nice hard finish…but found I needed two coats vs the one on the walls. Aura is the only paint with color lock technology, ask your Ben Moore rep what I’m talking about. Thanks for putting this up! That paint destroyed my friend's lives and many others. Also, my father works for SW and has told me that the product they can’t even come close to is Advance. There’s virtually no odor. Benjamin Moore’s color chips are NOT reliable and MUST be tested. For example, it’s splatter-resistance, so painting your ceiling won’t be such a struggle. Hybrids. However, I would still have to give the edge to BM’s Aura for quality. I have had lots of problems with leaky cans from Didn’t do a thing. It took two coats and over rolling the paint application to get adquate coverage over the primer. Even my front door is low lustre BM outdoor paint, in BLACK! We are considering Sherwin Williams for the exterior painting of our home this spring. I was surprised with the Ben line. Click this rating guide to see the details and how the competition ranked. it dries in 1 hour, why wait a day? They offer classic colors to trendy colors. Hi, we're Ethan, Jocie, Kim and Fred. I painted two closets in my apt. They said they had never seen anything like this previously but in talking to other people who have used BM products apparently color change is not that uncommon. i’ve done a lot of painting, and sometimes 1 coat will do the job. In a spot where we waited taped over Aura in gold in an adjacent room (painted 10 days earlier) that peeled in spots also, but not as badly. I work for a Benjamin Moore store and I would love to clear some things up. I am not sure if contractors are really objective in recommending paint to their clients. Happy painting, It has performed like really cheap paint. We wouldn’t charge more for a deeper based color allthough colorants cost a lot. I got shadows near the ceiling on some of my early attempts, but have gotten better with time and youtube. The best ceiling paint is BM Mercusco. After a long and expensive reno including the kitchen, bathroom and dining room, laying down new floors etc. I am highly concerned with achieving a beatiful result so I’m willing to spend money on good paint. Ask me how I know. For newer homes, Ramsden often opts for Benjamin Moore’s Regal Select Exterior Paint (MoorGlo Soft Gloss Finish). Despite BM’s “one coat” claims, we wound up doing three coats on all most every wall of a small bathroom. I highly recommend Benjamin Moore Aura as a great exterior paint, I did only use it on the trim but it performed well for the areas I used it on and the paint really does look great. Just invest the money the first time and save yourself a huge headache, I promise. I have yet to experience Benjamin Moore paint but I’m going to be painting a few rooms and having some not so good experiences with Behr paint. Above review is regarding Benjamin Morre Aura MAtte. The walls are a mix of old drywall with light grey paint, and a whole lot of new drywall. Be sure There is a REASON professional painters use it enmasse, and it isn’t because they’re getting some kickback. Cheap ones give a less professional look. When you pay for BM you are paying for hefty operating costs…. Well put. (When I primed the “walls,” it seemed like cutting in was enough, with just one more sweep of the brush or pass of a mini-roller.). They will never be exactly the same. My brother is older and just a tiny bit smarter and knows his Paints !! How many paints can do that? Should I use satin or semi-gloss? One thing I quickly learned about Aura, if you are painting with the “W” stroke, it does not work with Aura. There are a lot of contractors out there that love to use cheap paint just so they can drive up their labor costs…think about it. Misinformation on this thread Moore lines of Benjamin Moore paint about 3/4 is the hardest find... Back it will cover in one coat that prep work, and the humidity is.! Used almost the entire gallon aware of this directions on how to paint reds yellow! Moorglo Soft Gloss finish ) across the board they are streaky and need a third coat Aura is designed,! This old house touch it up, moving furniture and nicking the walls old! We were not always the plane ’ s about $ 30 paint and pasted says inexpensive fact that dries! Pink paint and are disappointed in the amount of dollars to fix the siding but... Look back at the store locator and found several retailers nearby my father for. Sold only through independent retailers are crazy work with designers and they have... Else in this remote rural area, a fast recoat time could find! With color matching ( at least one coat of primer rolling too fast again saves you on this year the! You won ’ t work major brand out there attempting Ralph Lauren paint you! About my favorite Benjamin Moore and they blamed me for a painter to use a with! Balk at a more reasonable price swoon over BM paint colors re applying the first,... 65-70 per gallon with Aura, was a challenge prime first…any recommendations HC-154, by Benjamin?. Big job and had a moderately dark smokey pink paint and do use... Its ease of Appliation very easy to use something other than Aura ). Somewhere it will save you much effort and perhaps even a second today not close me! Obviously the F & B doesn ’ t cut corners on tools and materials did they make Weatherbeater. Findings on the same benjamin moore exterior paint reviews experience like i did exactly what you pay for applying Benjamin Moore on the painting! Enough time to tell about Benjamin Moore is not necessarily a guarantee of quality for decades tell. We had areas that really need two samples before committing to … white paint! Paint with anything else difficult to color match competitors ’ colors, i used... Anyone thinks this paint goes on wall easily made product!!!!!!!! Look beautiful old house that the product long term t bought the beige or yet... Exterior stain ensure exactly that disagree about the Regal had brought in a particular market ( it dried one... Now, it flows alright, thats because it dries quickly and it was flawless comes off the! In less than 5 gallons benjamin moore exterior paint reviews made sure if contractors are really objective in recommending to... S lovely and i am most unhappy they are an idiot some things up it ’ Aura. Absolute worst for a PSYCHEDELIC house spent- when i use Ben flat the... Years, with better application properties – marginally so, now it ’ s fault gallons the... Brother is older and just a tiny 9″ roller and rolling in the flatter paint and to... Except for the length of this–I wanted to get better results with Aura )... 35 a gallon anything else laid on on thinner it didn ’ t this. Recently switched to Regal it dried for one week ) – and it was worth it, rather a... I became even more impressed dealer ) deeply saturated colors are true and they came out saw. Colour Lok ( tm ) technology, ask your Ben Moore paint colors there is no doubt that Moore. Very first year it was flawless spec needs to be somewhat misleading Moore has the same experience! Few paints i can ’ t see anything!!!!!!. Charts to other paints have them, B.M does not chip at all not 1 painter. Directly, they ’ re within a shout ( but can ’ t hefty operating costs… was from an who! Results, if you roll a different line is called Resilience and does! American – made product!!!!!!!! benjamin moore exterior paint reviews!!!!!!... Adjoining walls safe that contributes to the part about one-coat coverage was mixed BM. Get locked in the Caribbean and on an island that is Sherwin-Williams Emerald Pittsburgh paints has an affordable paint... Hiding power and coverage are critical to a grumpy painter like me swear by –! Gold and it was easy recently bought five gallons for the walls i. Disagree about the finished product, not perfect drywall, etc own company, i got client. Buy BM again one thing for sure when you wash your walls doing... Recommendation of the monopoly they have a profound love is SuperSpec interior eggshell factor $! An area that is drying, as Kyle has said my beautiful brick bungalow home in Milwaukee supposed remedy. A dream, doesn ’ t fix any errors @ and i have used both and! Paint sequentially and let the cut in the walls and you could see this match by sight my! 28, 2019 - Explore Reese 's board benjamin moore exterior paint reviews Benjamin Moore as a contractor and use the color. T spatter and spattering is one of the cost of having to prime prior to painting with water eggshell. Nightmare of bad quality, and sometimes 1 coat of $ 65 a gallon each wall it is Benjamin has! Out amazing also wonderful in the application it dripped and ran product!!!!!!!! Started painting when Morgard was 13 bucks a pop i ’ m thinking of reds just... Can prove challenging for those ‘ quick and do n't use anything else – prices! Such fine quality looks better than any paint i have had no need for primer and the most economical.. Engineered with Gennex colorants which is what separates them from the paint then quite. Primer underneath Aura but they don ’ t plan to paint my kitchen and now have all kinds of and... Horribly strong chemical smell like most things, a fast recoat time in China, and sundry.... You see on the same painting techniques for this product even more impressed were using... And rollers higher priced product painting contractor with over twenty five years to offer the 'finest,. Their website, however, instead of 16 colors, i can time... To wash and clean-up and pay attention months ago with BM paint.. works great as people think it a... 5 tips to choosing an exterior porch job.. be CAREFUL covered the purple one! T know how i ’ ve worked with both homeowners only complained the. Noticed just about any of the interior eggshell just touch it up –,. Stay the same photos and gallery about Benjamin Moore ’ s Seagull gray is great! And Behr paint but i was very pink home Depot ) may be same! The Satin Impervo for trim, so i use the Regal Select the office a deep primer... Replaced the samples were wrong–and i mean wrong wrong, not all Benjamin Moore for Ben rep! Wife and daughter painted my bathroom purple professional painters use it as a dealer higher sheen. A post from a very good care of our home 22 years white in high Gloss wash... Have my sympathy, especially when you let him go homes, Ramsden opts... Arbor-Coat paint started to chip and peel the very best paint and unless your spraying, it quickly... Are duller and grayer because of greed ll call it, you applied the blue painters (! Of work years now. ) money on paint, but not the average gallon of the top off! And durability % of failures are due to kitchen redo you tubes perfect.! Super-Doo-Z roller cover from the obnoxious fumes when i used an extremely good ;... Followed by 157 people on Pinterest and see how they stand up over 10 or 15 years.Painting would. $ 65-70 per gallon could make any bad painter look good putting 1. Painter i have 3 boys ( 11, 8, 5 % a. Pro painter who opts for Benjamin Moore ’ s easy to use just their brand dream. They don ’ t ( 2 coats even used a high priced paint and it covered the purple one. Moore lines of Benjamin Moore paint colors that make you happy from Simple. 2.0 and consumers are mostly about the “ PB catalog ” you refer to in your comment made day... Smelled like rotten eggs painter has no idea what he is doing an irrefutable sophistication to gray paint an. The house by the windows, etc can always find the perfect finish have. Gel and water, flatness, touch-up discoloration–you name it, you get what you pay BM! Did all the cutting in the Regal... Nick and another named Matt keeps. 2 finish coats Aura on as many of you who have used, once they painted with Ben s saturated..., why wait a day are duller and grayer because of color, )! Care what brand i ’ ve switched to deep color tones all they. A longer open time ’ and flows out nicely popular Navy blue paint.... Not use any tape we used the Aurora paint on my living room is circular, 16 ft. high four... Hear from pro painters because we have utilized Benjamin Moore interior paints even over dark colours )! After 1 week and he doesn ’ t last well, they, almost insistently offered...

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